In Praise of Swimming

I have been back in the pool now for a week and I am amazed at how quickly I have taken to it after my long absence. My muscles remember the moves and my hips provide that extra flotation preventing me from drowning no matter how slowly I swim. And boy do I swim slowly.

I love swimming at the Physical Therapy pool, the temperature is a comfy 92 degrees and I can reserve a lane for a whole hour. Breast stroke one way, back stroke back and a few side stroke laps now and again to add variety. Had I ever mastered that whole breathing aspect of the front crawl I would throw that in but I just swallow water and that is unpleasant.

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Selfie Hell


I hate selfies, the word and the results.

I am one of the least photogenic people existing on this planet; usually my face becomes a weird distorted mess and I ooze awkwardness. But selfies have arrived so I need to stop being such a hater.

If my campaign to Suck Less in 2014™ is to truly be successful, I need to have proof. I have the usual means of measurements with the scale, a tape measure and just how my cloths fit but I read that taking a picture each day is also a useful tool. I like tools that are useful.

So here are my first selfies of the new campaign, no make-up, hair not fixed so that future pics will be more shockingly improved…and because I could not be bothered.

I should probably be taking an assie instead but I don’t want to get too whacky.

Timeout For Family

Prompted by my breakup as well as my desire to rejuvenate my family relationships, I decided to take a mini road trip and visit my family. I was dreading the hours in the car alone with my thoughts and also dreading the high winds and blowing snow. While the weather was worse than I had expected, the time alone was not too bad and I managed to find some music to enjoy.

Watching my much younger sister navigate her life is quite inspiring. Kids, job, house, she juggles it all and manages to keep a sense of humor and calm. I am not sure how she does it, but I am impressed. It is cool to be inspired by your siblings now and again.

There is probably an inspirational quote or two that are fitting but I will just leave it at this and not get grossly gushy.

Back To My Goals and Going Overboard

One of my goals is to rejuvenate my relationships with family and old friends. I have had some nice email chats and made some plans to get together. It will be fun and I look forward to it. Going to visit my family next week…yay. I even went to the doctor, confirmed my knee was just sprained, not torn and got all set for some swim therapy. (So much progress it blows the mind.)

Of course I had to be a bit of a nutter in the process. (OF COURSE)

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Goals. Need Some.

In order for me to actually achieve the results I want, I guess I need some goals. My New Year’s resolution to “suck less in 2014,” while accurate, doesn’t seem like a very positive guiding principle. I did come up with a couple words (PROFANITY?) that could help guide me, reduce and rejuvenate, but I think I need a bit more.

Time to channel my marketing background and make a plan. (THIS IS GONNA BE A SNOOZE)

My mission, I guess, is to live a happy fulfilling life (PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE’S, NO?) but that is a bit too broad to actually think about right now. Taking it down a couple steps what I want is to reclaim my life and enjoy turning 50. (UM NO BE HONEST)

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How Did I Get Here

I keep asking myself how I got in this funk and so far I have no short answer.

I took some time to write about the events of the last several years and really there was no great tragedy, not one particular thing but an aggregate of events I am perfectly equipped to handle and didn’t. (NO YOU DIDN”T) I feel like such a whiner. (YES) I am trying hard to not beat myself up over this (GOOD LUCK) but that is hard. I am glad I wrote it down so I can acknowledge where I am in my life now but I need to look forward, shake this off and hopefully identify a few ways to prevent a repeat. (BLAH BLAH BLAH) Go me! (YES, GO YOU)

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An Honest Assessment

Even though I need to do more and ponder less, my first step to get out of my rut is more pondering. Pondering with a purpose to make an honest assessment of where I am and how I got here.  I am pretty sure there are some inspirational quotes that perfectly fit here but I don’t feel like looking. (UM, THE INTERNET, YOU ARE ON IT)

I spent an afternoon in silence with a notebook, a handful of colored pens, letting my thoughts wander and writing down what seemed important. I paced, I played with my kitties, I doodled and I even dusted at one point. (BORING) I wish I could say I had some revelation but every thing that bubbled up, I already knew even if I was doing my best to not acknowledge it.

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