Back To My Goals and Going Overboard

One of my goals is to rejuvenate my relationships with family and old friends. I have had some nice email chats and made some plans to get together. It will be fun and I look forward to it. Going to visit my family next week…yay. I even went to the doctor, confirmed my knee was just sprained, not torn and got all set for some swim therapy. (So much progress it blows the mind.)

Of course I had to be a bit of a nutter in the process. (OF COURSE)

I had a couple people that had inspired me over the last few years in ways they would have no idea, so I sent them notes to thank them and explain their unknown awesomeness. That actually went well and I will never hesitate doing it again.

Since I was on a roll, I decide to ease my guilt about something from decades ago and I apologized to a girl for being kind of a bully to her. For years now I see her name pop up on FB, and I am reminded of a time in college where I was just awful to her for no good reason other than I was bored and cranky and I was a Senior and I could be a brat. Nothing really bad happened, just hurt feelings, but it had always bugged me and I tried to never behave like that again. (TRIED)

So I said I was sorry. And she was confused. (HAHAHAHAHA) Turns out she didn’t really know what I was talking about and I was more bothered by my behavior than she ever was. We had a nice chat anyway. I felt a bit silly at first but I am glad I said something. It was not the result I expected but I felt so much better and now she has a good story to share with others about the nutter who sent her an email completely out of the blue. (YOU ARE A GIVER)

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