A Minor (Hopefully) Setback

My best efforts to be careful have failed (booooo) and I have strained a muscle. Not in my knee or back as I had anticipated but in my *&^%$# neck; I feel like I have whiplash all over again and I am not loving the feeling.

I am unsure the exact cause but I assume it can be traced to some bad form on my part (boooo). It started as a minor stiff neck on Saturday and by the evening I was having issues turning my head all the way. So of course I ignored it. Sunday morning I had the same stiffness but as the day progressed it became apparent my poor neck muscles were finding my giant head a bit too much to handle. But I still worked out.

Finally, when I could not fall asleep I pulled out the huge ice pack and wedged it around my neck and skull. Ahhhh it felt so amazingly good. If I could, I would sleep on an ice pillow but there are all these warnings about frost bite that seem rather serious.

Today is now going to be full of failed efforts at getting comfortable and conflicting thoughts. I should workout, I should rest, I should go to a doctor, I should wait, I should eat a carrot, I should enjoy the healing powers of chocolate cake. One decision was made for me with a call from the pool manager informing me the heater broke and that I could swim if I wanted to freeze. Pass. An ice pillow is fab, an ice bath is torture and just makes me have to go to the bathroom immediately.

So it is here, my first setback of Operation Suck Less 2014™ and I am anxious to see how I handle it. Will I say, “screw it” and prop my head up enough to watch mindless TV and pound chips or will I ice at regular intervals and find inspiration from thousands of quotes and motivational posters about what winners do and all that blah? Only time will tell.


Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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