Sugar Tantrums, Not Just For Kids Anymore

Ah, the sugar tantrum! Not the uncontrollable fit of a child after too much birthday cake, but rather rage eating junk food until the stress of the world fades away and you crash into a catatonic state waking later, bloated with gut rot.

Sometimes you want to tell the world to go screw itself by stuffing your face full of empty calories. That is a sugar tantrum.

Sometimes you don’t know what you are feeling but you feel off and are pretty sure if you ate a bunch of crap you would understand your feelings better or at least forget you had feelings. That too is a sugar tantrum.

Sometimes you need a drink but don’t want to drink alone because that would mean you have a problem so instead you eat an entire snack aisle in one sitting because that is obviously a better choice and you are totally in control of your life and have mastered being an adult. That is definitely a sugar tantrum.

And sometimes the thought of even just one more bite of healthy food is so repulsive that you would rather punish your body with chemicals and poison until breathing is challenging and sitting upright is uncomfortable. Yep, a sugar tantrum.

Regardless of the reason, sometimes that sugar craving needs to be satisfied with a spectacular celebration. Just remember, everything in moderation, including tantrums. Too many in a row can transform into a lifestyle and that shame spiral is much less fun.

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