Ch Ch Changes: Minnesota Weather and My Motivation

I try to not get too excited about the weather in Minnesota, it is something I have no control over and it is going to do what it wants no matter what I think about it. I rarely even look at the weather report unless I am traveling.

This year, with the intense grip of the polar vortex, ignoring the weather has been a bit more challenging; even inside, I was usually frozen no matter how many blankets formed my cocoon.

March weather is always a fickle beast; one minute it is rainy, the next the sun is out and then you wake up to snow. The airport gets overrun with people flocking to warmer climates for spring break. I think I always relate to March as I too have rapid and harsh shifts in mood and people run away when they can no longer take it.

This March is no different than years past; yesterday I was bombarded with ice pellets as I tried to scrape frozen ones off my car but an hour later it was sunny and this morning I awoke to some light snow with a weather alert saying inches of it are headed our way later.

Normally I would not care other than to assure I had the proper balance of fat, sugar and salt tucked away in the cabinets. Now, with Operation Suck Less in 2014™, I have no sugar and my only fat delivery mechanisms consist of olive oil and raw nuts. Boring. I mean yummy and good for me.

The timing of this supposed storm leaves me torn. It is scheduled to arrive during my evening exercise class and I find myself wanting it to hit with a vengeance. C’mon storm, give me an excuse to stay home! I am not in the mood to go, my knee is sore, I sliced open my thumb on my favorite knife, my hair is fugly, my emotional exhaustion has now transformed to a physical exhaustion and nearly every part of me wants to stay home and watch bad TV.

Nearly every part or me, there seems to be a tiny annoying voice I am completely unfamiliar with telling me I should still go and will feel better for doing so. What is this crazy positivity seeping from my brain? Can it please be quiet?

Great. Now all the voices in my head won’t even agree on being a lazy sack now and again. Uncool. There is a certain joy in being lazy and skipping doing what is good for you; it is the closest I have as an adult to faking illness and getting out of school. Good times, good times.

I tell myself skipping will only be this one time and I will be back at it tomorrow; really it would be smart if the weather is bad to just stay home and safe. Another voice in my head is laughing so hard it is getting difficult to hear all the conflicting input.

Looking at the weather report there is a 76% chance of snow beginning an hour ago. Looking out my window there is just a few tiniest of tiny flakes falling. Looking at my clock I only have 1 hour for a massive storm to hit and keep me inside with an acceptable excuse.

C’mon storm! C’mon motivation! C’mon brain pick a side!

Screw it. I am going to the gym. I am NOT happy about it. Stupid new voice better be right.

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

3 thoughts on “Ch Ch Changes: Minnesota Weather and My Motivation”

  1. Haha, but good on you for going! I had a similar nagging voice last week on my way to Zumba… in gym gear and essentially ready to go (minus the motivation part), but I just kept walking right on past the gym, lol. And then I wound up skipping Sun *and* today too… : You made the right move 🙂

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