The Author: Christina is a print and online product development professional currently on sabbatical from the corporate world doing freelance work and exploring the Universe and other creative interests. She has a penchant for typos and an uncomfortable relationship with commas which she claims is just part of her charm. Christina is on a mission to “suck less” and considers herself a reluctant self-actualizer.

You can find her all over the Internet as InteractThis except on those annoying sites that require real names.

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The Blog: Sugar Tantrum was launched January 2017 with posts and tidbits from previous efforts that were no longer interesting; the author has a short attention span. Here she wants a place to celebrate her fails and turn them into wins through laughter. Posts will include half-baked thoughts on what it means to be a better person, the not-so-awesomeness that is a healthy lifestyle, and the unexpected joys of aging. Other posts will be slightly embellished tales of her mundane life as well as a heavy dose of her ever-changing interests and obsessions. Finally, some time will be devoted to making sense of the world around her, most likely with elaborate analogies. There will be profanity.

More Silliness About Me: http://wp.me/p4oivU-2O

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