Things I Recently Forgot To Do In The Proper Order

Put glass to mouth before tilting.

Put on the lotion before putting on the jeans.

Push in clutch before attempting to shift.

Put car in neutral before attempting to idle.

Put leg in car before shutting door.

Remove thumb before shutting cabinet.

Think before speaking.

Play with cat before everything.

Bring money before shopping.

Plug in vacuum before attempting use.

Put vacuum away before attempting to step over it.

Retract toes before stubbing.

Proofread before publishing.

Because Godzilla

Only the most awesome movie monster ever and I cannot wait for the new movie!

In 2013, I re-watched and reviewed every Godzilla movie and it was really cool that my ex shared that with me. He also gave me some fabulous action figures that I adore. It will be hard to not be able to talk to him when the new movie comes out.


A Graceful Exit Ruined, @#$%!!

I often clear my thoughts by writing them down. Post-it notes, journals and even emails I never send. My email draft folder is full of random thoughts and half completed messages. Many of them to my ex. None of which I intended to send. Some of which had his email address in the “To” field.

It was super late last night and I was cleaning out this folder, reading some of my past thoughts and reminding myself that the same issues kept cropping up when I did the most horrifying thing…I hit “Send” and not “Discard.”

I stared at my laptop, stunned. I swore a bunch. I sent a text to my friend so he could laugh at me and try to make it better. More swearing.

Looking at the email, the first part could be confused as being a rehash of other things I have said and then it devolved into a jumbled mess of thoughts. I imagined him thinking I was drunk or had popped a bolt in my brain and was harassing him by email. Argh! So I sent him ANOTHER email saying it was an accident, please disregard, sorry, blah blah blah.

And with that my graceful exit from my crappy breakup was ruined.

FU fat fingers. FU stupid brain. And a second FU to the part of my brain that keeps wondering if this was my subconscious at work somehow.

Today I am exhausted, embarrassed and feel like I am a lame sitcom chick lacking a laugh track and a cute roommate to make me feel better in some unrealistic way.

Back To My Goals and Going Overboard

One of my goals is to rejuvenate my relationships with family and old friends. I have had some nice email chats and made some plans to get together. It will be fun and I look forward to it. Going to visit my family next week…yay. I even went to the doctor, confirmed my knee was just sprained, not torn and got all set for some swim therapy. (So much progress it blows the mind.)

Of course I had to be a bit of a nutter in the process. (OF COURSE)

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