Goals. Need Some.

In order for me to actually achieve the results I want, I guess I need some goals. My New Year’s resolution to “suck less in 2014,” while accurate, doesn’t seem like a very positive guiding principle. I did come up with a couple words (PROFANITY?) that could help guide me, reduce and rejuvenate, but I think I need a bit more.

Time to channel my marketing background and make a plan. (THIS IS GONNA BE A SNOOZE)

My mission, I guess, is to live a happy fulfilling life (PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE’S, NO?) but that is a bit too broad to actually think about right now. Taking it down a couple steps what I want is to reclaim my life and enjoy turning 50. (UM NO BE HONEST)

Okay, what I really want is to reset my self to the factory settings. I want to twist a paperclip and shove it in some tiny hole on my side and go back to the beginning. All my bad habits would be gone (YOUR BUTT WOULD BE GONE) and everything would be shiny and ready to start anew. I would probably want a software update too so the same bugs didn’t pop up again, and might as well toss in a hardware upgrade too with a longer battery and processing power. (SOUNDS DELIGHTFUL BUT NOT HAPPENING) But since that is not happening, time to focus on real goals. (REMEMBER TO K.I.S.S. IT, KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID)

So my current objective is to take charge of my life and feel better about myself so I can enjoy my upcoming birthday (NOT VERY S.M.A.R.T. THOUGH) but I need something more specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely in actual goals.

I have lists and list of to-dos in notebooks, post-its and various applications so I do not need to start from scratch but spending too much time digging through that does not suite my need to ponder less. (MAYBE THAT IS AN OBJECTIVE TOO) So for now, my goals include:

–       Be able to go on a daily 3-mile walk without pain, at a brisk pace (FOR YOU)

–       Plan a fun birthday adventure (YOU DO PUT THE F.U. IN FUN)

–       Reduce the clutter by cleaning out each closet and sell/toss/donate everything I have not used in the last few months (NOOOOOO, I LOVE STUFF! AND YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WILL NEED THAT LAMP YOU SWIPED FROM GRUMPYS BAR)

–       Rejuvenate my relationships with family and old friends (MEASURABLE?)

–       Reinvigorate my love of music and clean out my iTunes (BUT TV WILL BE SO JEALOUS)

–       Organize and prioritize all the to-do lists and make one central depository (BOOOOOORING)

I am sure these will evolve and more will be added but for now I am just going to dive in.

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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