Selfie Hell


I hate selfies, the word and the results.

I am one of the least photogenic people existing on this planet; usually my face becomes a weird distorted mess and I ooze awkwardness. But selfies have arrived so I need to stop being such a hater.

If my campaign to Suck Less in 2014™ is to truly be successful, I need to have proof. I have the usual means of measurements with the scale, a tape measure and just how my cloths fit but I read that taking a picture each day is also a useful tool. I like tools that are useful.

So here are my first selfies of the new campaign, no make-up, hair not fixed so that future pics will be more shockingly improved…and because I could not be bothered.

I should probably be taking an assie instead but I don’t want to get too whacky.

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