In Praise of Swimming

I have been back in the pool now for a week and I am amazed at how quickly I have taken to it after my long absence. My muscles remember the moves and my hips provide that extra flotation preventing me from drowning no matter how slowly I swim. And boy do I swim slowly.

I love swimming at the Physical Therapy pool, the temperature is a comfy 92 degrees and I can reserve a lane for a whole hour. Breast stroke one way, back stroke back and a few side stroke laps now and again to add variety. Had I ever mastered that whole breathing aspect of the front crawl I would throw that in but I just swallow water and that is unpleasant.

I am challenged by the abacus-like lap counter thingy since sometimes I think I forgot to move a bead, but maybe I didn’t, or I did, I can’t remember, so my lap count is highly suspect; no one can zone out in a pool like me…or accidentally flash everyone but that only happened once.

It is humbling to watch some of the more severely disabled work to just get out of their wheel chairs and give their body some relief in the water; it reminds me that my nagging aches are nothing that can’t be overcome.

Of course not everyone is as inspiring, and in a pool filled with people in pain of various intensity, there are bound to be a few crabsters. Even with my superior zoning skills, I can usually hear the complaints about backs, hips, weather, roads, taxes and so on but I just try to focus on swimming faster and not crashing my head into the wall.

Being back at the pool is awesome, and I wish I had not stopped going in the first place. But since I can’t change that, I hope I will remember this feeling when I get too cold, too tired, or too busy in the future and tempt myself to skip it. C’mon, future better self, do not stop!

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