Swim Instructor: Omg,look at that a bruise on your shoulder! How did that happen?
::looks down, sees giant bruise for the first time::
Me: No idea.
Swim Instructor: You don’t seem concerned. I’d be freaking out.
Me: Meh. I have reached the age where I can’t worry about all the random bruises. I have to save my investigatory powers for remembering the word I was going to say or why I entered a room.

Ugh. Freestyle.

Swim Instructor: I think it is time to work on the freestyle.
Me: Nope. Ummmmm. Maybe?
Swim Instructor: So what are you hesitant about?
Me: Breathing. Choking. Drowning. Being hauled out of here in an ambulance. And if I don’t die, finding a new gym that is close and reasonably priced where people don’t know the story of the drowning old lady.
Swim Instructor: Lets just focus on the breathing.

Bob Mould Concert

Bob Mould had the best encore set in recent memory. I wish I had a video of the whole performance!
– Cover of Prince’s “When You Were Mine” which is my favorite song on the first album I ever purchased of his
– Cover of The Ramones’ “Beat on the Brat” sung by Jon Wurster
– “Love Is All Around” (Theme Song from The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
– “Makes No Sense At All” one of my favorite Husker Du tunes

Accidental Tornado Siren

Reasons I am NOT annoyed by today’s 6:15am accidental tornado siren:
– I was already up therefore reducing the chance of throwing out my back while leaping out of bed racing for cover
– My cats were also up so their untrimmed claws were not perched on my body ready to draw blood as they used me as a spring board toward their useless hiding spot
– I got to see the local weather reader give the forecast pretending he did not hear the blaring sirens until the news reader said, “hey, what’s that sound?” and he basically shrugged
– Chances of running into an extra perky morning person was significantly reduced
– Mind-numbing chatter from the Pilates class clique changed up for the first time in months
– Next time I set an alarm and mess up the AM/PM, I can think to myself, “at least I didn’t piss off a whole county”

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