Larry Sanders

I am loving re-watching The Larry Sanders Show. It is relevant while being nostalgic at the same time.

My favorite things so far:
– Reminding me how insane shoulder pads and baggy cloths can look when overdone…really all cloths of the era
– Seeing John Ritter, Gene Siskel and Warren Zevon on the same episode
– Political humor that doesn’t make me fear for my life
– Super young Bob Odenkirk as Larry’s agent who is part Saul Goodman

Worse thing so far:
-Announcing “musician Paul Westerberg” as a guest and not having him on the show.

George Carlin

Watching George Carlin’s 1977 live at USC comedy special and find it just as relevant and funny today as then, especially his commentary on language and his fascination with words. It is hilarious that HBO of all places had a lengthy disclaimer/introduction/warning before the show and this 30second paused shot before his last bit.



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