American Ninja Warrior

“Welcome back to American Ninja Warrior. While you were away, 3 boring people ran the course. Now here is a segment about a dude and his family and how training for Ninja Warrior saved his life. Please cry and tweet using our snappy hashtag. Also, enjoy this awkward interview from the chick chosen for her ability to ask how people feel after having their dreams crushed and not for her hair and boobs, we swear.”

Bob Mould Concert

Bob Mould had the best encore set in recent memory. I wish I had a video of the whole performance!
– Cover of Prince’s “When You Were Mine” which is my favorite song on the first album I ever purchased of his
– Cover of The Ramones’ “Beat on the Brat” sung by Jon Wurster
– “Love Is All Around” (Theme Song from The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
– “Makes No Sense At All” one of my favorite Husker Du tunes

The Hateful Eight

Went to the 70mm Roadshow – thumbs up. I love having an old-school overture and program. We had no major issues with the projection although the bottom of the film was blurry which was distracting at first. If you go, note that the movie starts on time with no previews…don’t be one of the idiots who came in for the first 15 minutes distracting everyone else while they searched for a seat in the dark. Also, if you have a bushy lumberjack beard don’t stroke and groom it the entire time, no one wants to be near that!

The movie itself is great, beautifully shot. No one delivers Tarantino dialogue as perfectly as Samuel L. Jackson although the rest of the cast was quite good as well. At one point the entire audience went “ewwwww” and it was glorious.


A short break from Star WarsAPalooza to appreciate some Idris. Three things that must happen to make me happy:

– Ygritte says “You know nothing John Luther.”
– The first bit of news he receives is total BS.
– Someone spills his tea and he is forced to change his shirt….oh…. and then magically becomes Bond, James Bond.

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