Annual Game Of Thrones Re-Watch

New season starts in a month, I should have time for a slow re-watch. (watches one episode)
OMG! I forgot how awesome this show is and that episode went too fast (watches 3 more episodes, takes a nap)
My favorite character has to be Arya, or Jon Snow, or Tyrion, no, the dragons, ahhh! I love them all but Cersei. (watches 4 more episodes, eats a snack, feeds cats)
NOOOOO! Stop killing all the awesome!! (Wipes away tiny tears, decides sleep is overrated, has another snack, watches final 2 episodes)
That’s all?? It can’t be over! How will I make it to the next season? Debates starting rewatch from the series beginning….
Repeat scenario annually.

My Current Crushes

edamame-400x400 1) Edamame. Yum.





kettle2) The kettlebell swing sounds like a fun dance but it is a workout to kick your butt. Now that I have recovered, I can’t wait to do it again.



road trip3) Spring is in the air and so is snow and I just want to run away on a nice long road trip.




game-of-thrones-purple-wedding-square-w3524) Another excellent season of Game of Thrones.

My Current Crushes

140219-GOT4-Key-Art-v2-_Page_1-691x1024 1) I have been re-watching season 3 of Game of Thrones and I am so excited for the 4th season that starts on Sunday. Can. Not. Wait.





images2) I will always have a crush on Ragnar’s killer blue eyes so can not miss an episode of Vikings.



images23) I want flip-flop season to arrive. My Chacos miss me. I am on the hunt for a new red pair even though these never wear out.




cod4) Cod. I can not get enough cod lately. Of all my food crushes this is the lamest and stinkiest.

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