The Social Media Purge, Continued

Well crap! I forgot about Google+ during the social media unfriending frenzy.

I was looking at my circles trying to organize them better to help make the site more useful when I remembered we were still connected and I should probably rectify that. I went to remove him but he had already taken care of it. I was a bit puzzled by this since he never used the site other than for our nightly video “Hangout” sessions. His picture was different too. Odd.

Then I noticed a new chick face in his tiny circle list, it was like my eyeballs were lasers and went straight to the picture. My mind began racing. I looked at his Facebook page, same face added the day he booted me. We have not even been broken up a week, as a matter of fact I just flew back from visiting him last Wednesday, and he already has a new whatever. I have no idea who she is to him, I want to think she is a friend but…

I remembered seeing something odd in my FB feed before I went to visit him; he had “liked” a random bakery from some town in Alabama. It seemed really random and out of place. I forgot about it until now. I looked at that page and there was the same chick face, she is the owner.

My heart sank even further. My mind is a swirling mess.

My Crappy Breakup, Cont.

I find myself repeatedly asking “why” as if some narrator with a soothing voice, I pick Morgan Freeman, will calmly explain what happened and provide comfort. I keep wondering what I am going to do. I feel like I have never had such pain or loss or like I am the only person in the known universe who has ever had a breakup. I want to whinge and moan all over the interwebs until everyone knows my pain and somehow I become a meme…not a mean one though, something cute and funny maybe including a shark.

But the reality is I know I will survive, I know I am not the only person in pain, I am sure I am not even the only person dumped by text in the last 24 hours. This isn’t the end of the world it just sucks balls. Blah.
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Gathering My Breakup Toolkit

1)     Tissues. I highly recommend Kleenex Ultra Soft. They are in fact ultra soft but also strong enough for nose blowing when your ugly cry face includes a runny nose. The square box is also perfect for tucking in the corner of your bed, your couch or wherever you are wallowing.

2)     Garbage can. Disposal of above.

3)     Water, lots and lots of water. Must keep hydrated.

4)     Kitties or some other cuddly pet to head butt you randomly and distract you from wallowing.

5)     Super comfy cloths. Obviously.

6)     Pillows. Perfect for hugging or punching depending on the mood.

7)     Friends and Family. I highly recommend a variety of listeners so that you do not wear out one as you process the same nonsense over and over. Also, it is important to have at least one that will listen and just say it sucks and another to provide some tough love when needed or humor when appropriate.

8)     A journal. Sometimes it is best to write it all out.

9)     Music. For me this is not doable yet since music reminds me of him, but at some point it will make me feel better.

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