Gathering My Breakup Toolkit

1)     Tissues. I highly recommend Kleenex Ultra Soft. They are in fact ultra soft but also strong enough for nose blowing when your ugly cry face includes a runny nose. The square box is also perfect for tucking in the corner of your bed, your couch or wherever you are wallowing.

2)     Garbage can. Disposal of above.

3)     Water, lots and lots of water. Must keep hydrated.

4)     Kitties or some other cuddly pet to head butt you randomly and distract you from wallowing.

5)     Super comfy cloths. Obviously.

6)     Pillows. Perfect for hugging or punching depending on the mood.

7)     Friends and Family. I highly recommend a variety of listeners so that you do not wear out one as you process the same nonsense over and over. Also, it is important to have at least one that will listen and just say it sucks and another to provide some tough love when needed or humor when appropriate.

8)     A journal. Sometimes it is best to write it all out.

9)     Music. For me this is not doable yet since music reminds me of him, but at some point it will make me feel better.

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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