So Many Emotions, So Little Time

Yesterday was unexpectedly emotional. When I made my blog public, I was hoping a few people would read it and maybe I would get a like or even a comment; I clearly underestimated the lure of a post about punching an old woman in the face.

I have been overwhelmed with the kind words of friends and the amount of time people spent clicking around and reading my words. It was much more than I expected and very cool.

What really touched me are the side conversations I have had with others that are also going through crappy breakups or climbing out of their own rut. It is nice to have people relate to what I am saying but it is also sad to hear about their pain. If I were a hugger, and let’s be clear I AM NOT, I would give them each a giant hug.

I was nervous about sharing so much but I am glad I did and plan to continue posting about my journey to Suck Less in 2014™ as well as embellished tales of my otherwise mundane adventures.

WTH Emotions, Why You Gotta Be Like This?

Today is one of those annoying days where I feel sad and melancholy completely out of the blue. Could this be hormonal shenanigans messing with me for sport? It there a tiny blip in my brain chemicals? Is my microbiome, gut bacteria, fluttering out of whack? Whichever, whatever it is I disapprove and am currently giving it the finger.

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