WTH Emotions, Why You Gotta Be Like This?

Today is one of those annoying days where I feel sad and melancholy completely out of the blue. Could this be hormonal shenanigans messing with me for sport? It there a tiny blip in my brain chemicals? Is my microbiome, gut bacteria, fluttering out of whack? Whichever, whatever it is I disapprove and am currently giving it the finger.

I know this is normal. My body needs to release the stress, toxins, and emotions of my crappy breakup and this release tends to happen in waves. But it still really pisses me off that I cannot control when and for how long these waves hit. Seriously, I have had nearly 50 years operating this brain, body and heart I should be in better control by now! Lame.

Piling on my frustration is that the one person I want to comfort me is the one that put me in this state in the first place. That is so uncool! Emotions are just contradictory little brats.

Someday, I will have complete control over my brain and emotional state. Not today. But someday. Today I perfect a move I call “curling up on a ball with cats.”

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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