I Chose Poorly And Found A Nutter

Ugh. Shortly after my breakup, an old acquaintance contacted me offering support and an ear. She was not someone I was particularly close to and someone I had always been tentative with as she could be unpredictable but I was on a kick to reconnect with old friends and could use an extra pair of ears.

We hung out briefly, the evening seemed harmless, and I really didn’t expect much to come of it.

I was wrong. I chose poorly.

Shortly after that evening I started getting constant messages from her telling me what I needed to do to properly handle my breakup. She seemed fixated and was determined to use my situation as an opportunity to redo her own crappy breakup.

I was polite, then firm, then I just ignored her. I wanted nothing to do with her nutter suggestions.

It got worse. She got angry, left weird voicemails and finally she somehow got into my Twitter account and pulled a stunt that made my graceful exit from my breakup even more impossible.

None of this is believable. Why she chose to fixate on my breakup and then get so bizarre with me is a puzzler. Just to makes things more weird, I had to talk to a family member of hers to ask for help in getting her to back off. It seems to have worked as nothing else has transpired.

I need to remember to not question my instincts when it comes to the nutters. Hopefully I don’t come home someday and find a rabbit boiling in my kitchen.

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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