Lying McLyerson Is A Cheating Lying Cheat

So my ex-boyfriend was involved with another woman while we were together and lied to me. When he dumped me by text message, he gave me little information and allowed me to make an assumption about the reason that had nothing to do with this new person. I knew there had to be more to the story but it took me a while to put the pieces together.

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That Awkward Day When I Went Insane

I spent a good amount of time trying to calm my brain down after the gummy bear discovery but nothing seemed to deter me from wanting to know more. I went full-on-psycho-ridiculous-obnoxious-creeper-ex-girlfriend-nutter and started looking everywhere for some scrap of information.

I am not even sure what I was hoping to find. But I found it. There for all to read was a tweet from new chick obviously referencing my ex, saying he “deemed her ‘irresistible’ last night.” “Last night” as in the second day of my visit when I was sitting next to him on the couch after a day touring various local attractions. What? When the hell did he have time? How did I miss this? WTF? How is this possible?

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