Betrayed By Gummy Bears

Something woke me early the other morning. Maybe a disturbance in the force was to blame. I woke up feeling off and really anxious. I pulled out the trusty laptop and began tapping. Having so little information about my crappy breakup, I felt this compulsion to start digging around that would not be stopped. I see my ex is listening to tunes about love. He posted a new picture I can’t see. He has a new like.

I took a breath and clicked on the new chick face he had friended the day he unfriended me. She looked his type, unlike me. As I skimmed the page I got a sense she had lots of friends, good taste in music, liked makeup, had fun, seemed nice, open, gushy even. I wanted to hate her but there was nothing to hate; I could see why he would be interested in her.

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