Something In Common

Nearly all of my favorite songs, and others I don’t even like much, have a specific image imprinted in my brain and when I hear the tune that image immediately flashes. Sometimes it is as simple as a color, other times it is a vivid scene from my past. “Something In Common” always invoked a distinct image of the day in Philadelphia when I first met my ex-boyfriend. It has always been a happy image but now it seems my subconscious is trying to to make me sick of it as this song has been playing in my mind for about 20 hours now. No matter what tune is playing in the outside world, my brain is spinning this. Stupid brain.

I first saw Free Energy live at SXSW in 2010, then later in the fall at the 400 Bar (RIP 400 Bar, your new location at MOA just won’t be the same) and finally a third time that year in Philadelphia, their adopted hometown after members moved from Minneapolis. This video is reminiscent of each time I saw them in these tiny bars. I am hoping if I play it enough today, my brain DJ will finally relent.




My Playlists: Keepin The Current Vol 1 (2010)

I finally started playing with Spotify and will be uploading my too many playlist slowly.

“Keeping The Current” Vol 1 is the first of a series of playlists I made right after SXSW 2010 when I could not get enough Spoon, The Hold Steady, Free Energy, Blitzen Trapper and others. This playlist seems relevant again as The Hold Steady has a new album out tomorrow and I will be seeing Blitzen Trapper and Drive-by Truckers live again this week.

The playlist reminds me of being at Stubbs in Austin, TX at the very back of the outdoor venue sitting on a boulder so I could rest my soon-to-be-replaced hip when some random dude came and sat by me and started to talk but then fell over and laid on the ground for a while before his friends finally came to retrieve him.  I have a way with the dudes.

Keepin the Current 1 from 2010

Keepin the Current 1 from 2010

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