My Playlists: Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Playlist Vol I & II

With the recent Paul McCartney concert and Guardians of the Galaxy premiere, I have had a Seventies dance party swirling around in my head. I created a new mix including the tunes from “Awesome Mix Vol I” and those I think Star-Lord should have on Vol II.
You can listen on 8tracks
or on Spotify:
Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Playlist Vol I & II

Enjoy the earworms!



My Playlists: When Vinyl Ruled

I had a sudden hankering for some classic rock  and the voices of Ian Hunter, Eric Burdon and Rod Argent, so I dug out an old set of mixes, “When Vinyl Ruled”  Plus, I still think Mott the Hoople is an awesome band name. Sadly, most songs are not in the Spotify database so there is no point sharing the link.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 2.07.28 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-17 at 2.07.39 PM


My Playlists: Keepin The Current Vol 1 (2010)

I finally started playing with Spotify and will be uploading my too many playlist slowly.

“Keeping The Current” Vol 1 is the first of a series of playlists I made right after SXSW 2010 when I could not get enough Spoon, The Hold Steady, Free Energy, Blitzen Trapper and others. This playlist seems relevant again as The Hold Steady has a new album out tomorrow and I will be seeing Blitzen Trapper and Drive-by Truckers live again this week.

The playlist reminds me of being at Stubbs in Austin, TX at the very back of the outdoor venue sitting on a boulder so I could rest my soon-to-be-replaced hip when some random dude came and sat by me and started to talk but then fell over and laid on the ground for a while before his friends finally came to retrieve him.  I have a way with the dudes.

Keepin the Current 1 from 2010

Keepin the Current 1 from 2010

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