My Cooking Process

My cooking process:
1) Identify previously bought ingredient I need to use before it goes to waste.
2) Hunt for interesting, healthy-ish recipe while eating a snack, most likely not healthy.
3) Find recipe(s) that uses a couple ingredients I have.
4) Make grocery list for the dozens of ingredients I do not have.
5) Go to store.
6) Unpack groceries.
7) Go back to store for the 1-3 items I forgot since I didn’t look closely at my list.
8) Unpack groceries. Again.
9) Rest. Eat snack I bought at grocery store on the second trip.
10) Motivate self to cook since I have now lost all interest and a delivered pizza sounds better.
11) Prepare ingredients. Snack on prepped food as I go.
12) Get distracted by anything more interesting than cooking. (repeat 11 and 12 until done)
13) Bandage cuts from distracted prep work.
14) Cook the damn thing already.
15) Eat cooked food that I now resent for wasting my whole day.
16) Get full really fast because I snacked too much.
17) Put food in fridge, congratulate self for making tomorrow’s lunch.
18) Consider pros and cons of cooking.

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