Shark Week 2015

Shark Week 2015 is so much better than last year with more emphasis on science and conservation instead of fake documentaries and scares. Lots of shark diversity too!

SHARK TREK: Awesome shots of black tips near Florida and studies of shark migration plus a cool kid shark fan tags along.
Island of the Mega Shark: blah. Photography was cool but there seemed no true point. If you can not construct a box with a door that actually works then I root for the shark. Also, there are much better ways to measure shark length. Dude answers to the name Dicky.
MONSTER MAKOS: Makos!! and sweet spinner sharks. Some inflammatory language and music but otherwise a cool documentary on sharks that need more attention.
Return of the Giant White Serial Killer: gotta give this a middle finger. Great Whites rule, Jaws is my favorite movie, but there is no science behind the “rogue shark” theory.
ALIEN SHARKS: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: I loooooooved this one. Bring on the deep sea weird ass sharks! So much awesome!
Bride of Jaws: The cinematography is gorgeous but the story is lacking. Chick gets in a shark cage and then gets a chum shower…so that happened.
TIBURONES: SHARKS OF CUBA: It started out shaky but was amazing. The pristine reefs are stunning and I hope are now not invaded with everyone who wants to see them. Dude put a tag on a fish in open water by catching it in his hands. WTH? The largest remoras ever were on some giant beast we did not get to see. So cool. More makos!
SHARK AFTER DARK: Eli Roth as host is a major upgrade from the past years and even though the humor is off at times, it is informative. Not sure the Dunkin Donut beverage placement is effective since no one has even tasted it.

COMMERCIALS: The VW “sharks rescored” commercial focusing on changing the score from scary to beautiful for sharks gets a thumbs up. So does the kid commercial talking about why they like sharks.

Tonight: Super Predator looks iffy but Ninja sharks has promise. So much to geek out about this week it is hard to keep up.


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