Exercise Pet Peeves

Working out would be so much more enjoyable with out the sweat and other people around. My current exercise pet peeves in no particular order:

The people that show up to water aerobics class and huddle in small groups talking the entire time and never move as if the few of us actually exercising are in their way.

People that clip their locker keys so they jingle with every step, even more annoying when they have headphones and remain oblivious to the clinking.

People that talk to me while I am working out and doing my best to convey my disinterest in their existence.

My shoelaces that always come undone after a mile.

People that drip sweat on equipment and do not clean it after they are done.

Old lady at the pool that puts a towel on the tile when showering but never picks it up when she leaves.

People that toss banana peels on the ground.

Biker dude that yells “on your left” but he is really on my right making me wonder if I have forgotten my directions again.

People that walk behind me on the greenway and gripe loudly about their annoying relationships and won’t pass me no matter how much I slow down.

Cars that drive into puddles.

People that let their wiener dogs jump on me as if they are the most precious things that exist on earth when I know full well they are Satan’s spawn.

My hair.

My laundry that won’t yet wash itself.

My slowness.

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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