Not An Olympian

So this triple jumper changes his form due to injury to jump off his other leg and still makes the Olympics and I can’t even change which leg I use to step up a curb.

The way those synchronized swimmers scrunch their toes while pointing their feet freaks me the hell out!

My new dream job is to ride the derny in the keirin races at the Olympics. Just toodle along in a little moped while cyclists chase me around a track sounds like a blast.




Ugh NBC!

NBC has had some big fails in their Olympic coverage over the years but this was gross. This poor guy has been trying to get to the Olympics for 20 years, is wearing a traditional belt made by his Aunt and actually has a story to share but instead Al Roker shreds his name and then these two creepily interrupt it all to rub oil on him. Switch the genders and file some lawsuits.


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