Making A Giant Clumsy Kitty Happy

15975118_10211374548300409_2825939500359215214_oHow to make a giant, clumsy kitty happy:
– Order bubble wrap
– Haul ridiculously large box from mailbox
– Remove bubble wrap and the tons of kraft paper used to keep the bubbles safe in the ridiculously large box
– Cut hole in box 1 inch smaller than giant cats hips
– Return kraft paper to box
– Set in corner
– Pretend you don’t want cat to go in box
– Watch cat spend days keeping watch from his forbidden cave


Cat Fight

After 7.5 years of calm, my cats have had a falling out with giant, clumsy cat hissing and swatting at the other if it gets near. I don’t speak cat exactly, but I think this is an accurate translation:
Kato: Stop touching me. You always get your way and you ruin everything. Go away and get out of my room!
Spike: Your just jealous because I can jump higher and she likes me better.
Kato: I’m just big boned and you’re adopted.
Spike: So are you, Einstein.
Kato: Shut Up!
Me: Both of you go away!

Fetch With A Kitty

Kitty10888932_10205362580844980_2147335874487549430_n waiting to play his 2nd favorite game, “kinda sorta fetch”
1) he finds shedding toy, drops on bed, howls until I finally join him
2) I throw it
3) he runs like mad, returns, drops toy on bed
4) I throw it
5) he runs like mad, returns without toy and meows until I go get it
6) I go get it, return, I throw it
7) he runs like mad and goes off to do something else
8) I get bored, clean shedding toy bits off bed then go do something else too
9) kitty finally returns, annoyed I did not wait indefinitely

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