Getting A Flu Shot

FluShotLady: I’m gonna have you hop on the table.
Inside Voice 1: Hop? Hahahahahaha
FSL: Don’t worry. It is nothing. It is just easier for me when you are on the table at my eye height. Nothing you need to worry about.
Inside Voice 1: Um…wasn’t worried.
FSL: After the shot, you need to move your arm in circles like a fast pitcher and then go home, eat something to really coat your stomach like yogurt and take some Advil….
Me: Wait. What? How bad is this going to hurt?
Inside Voice 2: Maybe we should be worried.
FSL: Some people say it doesn’t hurt but I can’t even sleep on my side for days. Really, really sore. Now which side?
Inside Voice 1: Eh. It’s fine.
Inside Voice 2: Run away….run away….
FSL: But just move your arm, get the medicine moving around and take Advil. Make sure you eat so you don’t get sick. You don’t want to throw that up. Are you allergic to Advil? Do you have any issues with it? Take something else if you do. If it does hurt it will only last a few days. A week at the most. Probably not a week if you move your arm in circles. Really get that medicine to move. Even if it does hurt it is better than the flu. But we don’t know how bad the flu season will be….Advil. Advil. Advil. Move. Move. Move. (edited for brevity)
Inside Voice 2: Holy crap our arm is going to fall off!
FSL: Okay done. Good luck.
Me: Um….thanks?

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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