SDCC Panels

I spent a couple days canning food and watching SDCC panels…like everyone I am sure. What I am most looking forward:

– Star Wars: The Force Awakens – my initial interest has nothing to do with Comic Con but it sure helps with the panel and shared footage. I will now ignore all information until opening for fear of anticipointment and a Jar Jar surprise.

– The Hateful Eight Nothing says Merry Christmas like a bloody awesome Tarantino movie!
Krampus has promise as well for some funny, scary, holiday fare.

– Con Man If you are still mad Firefly was cancelled, this might help. Plus it looks funny. Plus it has all my favorite nerd icon!s I hope it is successful as I want more TV entertainment available that does not require cable.

– Suicide Squad – 2016 That sneak was exciting, after all the baddies are way more exciting than the heroes. I hope my interest in superhero/comic movies doesn’t wane before this and 2016’s X-Men Apocalypse. (Side note, why can I never spell apocalypse right the first time?) This stole the thunder of Superman vs Batman for me.

– Ash vs Evil Dead Lots of comedy horror coming up but this has Bruce Campbell and a chainsaw!

– Crimson Peak Even beyond getting to watch/listen to Tom Hiddleston for 2 hours, this looks gorgeous and scary and wow!

– Heroes: Reborn has promise but the original tanked fast and I never finished the series so I can’t figure out why this excites me. It has some old favorites and Zachary Levi as a baddie so I am pondering my interest level. Twin Peaks, X-Files…so many old favorites coming back but still not Firefly.

-There are a lot of promising movies coming that I will think about going out to see and then just wait for the blu-ray including Macbeth with Michael Fassbender, Frankenstein with Daniel Radcliffe as Igor and James McAvoy as Victor, SPECTRE with a surprising lack of bald kitties, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with Matt Smith and Lily James and Rock The Kasbah with Bill Murray.

– I don’t read graphic novels but, March from civil-rights activist John Lewis, actually looks interesting.

– Warcraft has been perfectly hyped and has Travis Fimmel from Vikings starring. It looks sweet even for a non-gamer but too early for me to get completely on-board.

– There are just too many superhero/comic TV shows to keep up with but Supergirl is one I am going to have to try. So much positive buzz.

And of course the on-going favorites of Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Sherlock, Vikings and American Horror Story all have lots to be excited about.

I should read a book.

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