Wandering Thoughts

When I am out walking, I my thoughts often drift to the mysteries of life. Today’s thought topic: Can my eyeballs freeze?
They must be able to freeze, but it is surprising they haven’t done so already. Are my glasses helping block cold or keep it locked in? Do my eyelids have super heating properties? If so, why do my eyes not steam when I blink? Would my eyeballs freeze before or after my nose fell off? Wish my butt would freeze off. If I sneeze really hard are my eyes more or less likely to blow out of the socket in the cold? Do they experience shrinkage? Could my frozen eyeballs be reconstituted if thawed properly? If people chop off their heads for cryogenics, will they be using the same eyeballs when science advances enough to bring them back? An eyeball crawling toward me would be super creepy and make an awesome horror movie. Attack of the killer eyeball! Not sure how it would murder but it would be gross. What is that goobery stuff in the corner of my eye? Why can’t my glasses stay on my nose properly? The Jerk was a funny movie. All I need is this chair…

And just like that my walk was over….

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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