Workout Daydreams

No matter how hard I try to concentrate when working out, my thoughts inevitably drift. Lately, they seem to go to one of 5 places:

1) Fruit. Yes I actually become obsessed with fruit as I work out.

2) Sleep. Some days I find myself so exhausted with 10 minutes left in my routine that all I can think of is my bed.

3) Barfing. This was occupying my mind today.

4) The apocalypse. I have no idea which apocalypse my body thinks it needs to hold all these fat reserves for, but it is holding on tight and we will be living large while the twigs die off early. Unless running is required, then I am a gonner. Or archery. Or swordplay. Really, any apocalypse that requires anything but stored fat reserves for survival will kill me.

5) Gigantic. Why did Apple have to remake that Pixies song for their commercial? Have they heard it? Do they know the inspiration for the tune? Why won’t it leave me head??


Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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