Post-Election Swastikas

Looking out the window to see what the storm left us and there is a giant swastika etched in the snow on a car. Ugh! I went outside to look around and found a crude snow drawing of 2 humans, I assume human, fornicating. One appeared to be a male with disproportionate genitalia usually reserved for wooden fertility gods and the other gender neutral. A thoughtful attempt to be inclusive? The 3 words scrawled next to the masterpiece, “F*** me PLZ,” told me a lot about the artist.

First, they are polite and their mother would be so proud. Second, they know what they want which is the first step toward success. Finally, sadly, they are frustrated and confused not sure how to get what they desire on a Friday night after last call.

I could pity them until the swastika is considered. Crude sex drawings and profanity on cars for many is an adolescent right of passage, even for the sad and lonely over 21 who can’t get any; I shrug them off and laugh. However, we can’t shrug and let symbols of such hate and violence become just as normal as a dick doodle. So, horny hater, in words you seem to understand, PLZ, f*** you.

-photos not included because no one needs that

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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