Bits Of Internet Wisdom

Why? Why? Why? I start to feel better and then suddenly I am asking “Why?” once again. Rather annoying. Bored, confused, cold, tired, I turned to the trusty Internet for clues and answers.

I learned “100 musts” to keep a long-distance relationship viable…too late on that one! One article after another touted the importance of communication in healthy relationships…I knew this yet I blew it. I saw many a bitter comment and wondered how some of these people haven’t landed in jail. I read stories about much more traumatizing breakups than my own. Nothing really made me feel better, but I did feel a bit less nutty.

But one FB page really stood out, it was a well-written piece about break-ups from the man’s perspective. From this I took away that my ex was probably not thinking about me like I was him, he was thinking about any and everything else yet might feel some slight guilt he was not going to dwell on. But that did not mean I was forgotten…whew! It was just a good reminder of how different, in general, men and women deal with breakups, communication and value the almighty closer.

It wasn’t so much that I didn’t already know what he was saying but sometimes I need to “know” it all over again.

I also found a list of the best Jucy Lucy’s in Minnesota so I shall explore those once this winter, and my stomach, stop being a beyotch. I already KNOW the best one but I might as well know it all over again.

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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