Wine Bistro? Brilliant!

Last night I had a lovely night with an old friend at JJ’s Coffee + Wine Bistro in Uptown and discovered the most brilliant concept: A coffee house by day that converts to a wine bar at night. A casual bar where you can sit around tapping on your various electronic devices, sip wine, eat some tasty snacks and look at Lake Calhoun and the Uptown crowd. It is a good thing I do not live closer or I might just become a regular which would put a big wrinkle in my Suck Less In 2014™ campaign.

Passive-Aggressives And The Food And Wine Experience

Yesterday I went to the 20th anniversary of the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience held at the Metropolitan and Legend’s clubs of Target Field. I loved the location choice and it was a surprisingly perfect fit for such an event with easy parking, beautiful views and vendors spread out enough to not feel obnoxiously crowded yet still maintaining the room energy.

The event boasts nearly 200 vendors sampling various wines, beers, and tasty morsels but of course the best part is the people watching.

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