Watching some Grammy stuff since I skipped it for Walking Dead and Better Call Saul (both awesome!) Some thoughts no one really needs:

-So far nothing is better than Bob Mould on Letterman Friday night!
-I did not expect Hozier to look like Neil Gaiman but now I get why The Current overplays him
-I did expect Sam Smith to look like Boy George
-Mary J Blige sings that Sam Smith song so much better
-Beyonce does have a beautiful voice even though I don’t intentionally listen to her music
-Annie Lennox is still awesome but I guess someone forgot her harmonica..wth?
-Wanted to watch Beck, saw Chris Martin too so I ran
-Jesse J & Tom Jones > Lady GaGa & Tony Bennett but this trend needs to die
-Katy Perry stole Lupita Nyong’o 2014 Oscar dress and Fred Astaire’s shadow dancers. I miss the shark!
-Kristen Wiig seems really talented, someone should hire her for a Ghostbusters movie
-Common and John Legend seem to have a nice tune, I will probably hear it again at the Oscars, right?
-Wait, is that ELO? What’s up with ELO? ELO??
-I can’t see Ed Sheeran without thinking Harry Potter but I like him better than Sam Smith
-AC/DC was pretty good but impossible to find a video since YouTube is full of weird reviews from bedrooms or fake news studios. Ugh.
-Best crowd shots are of Taylor Swift who seems to really enjoy every performance. Worst crowd shot is of Nicole Kidman who I knew couldn’t move her face but also can’t move her body.
-I don’t get Madonna’s performance but she sure is quite the performer. Also, I can’t see a minotaur without thinking American Horror Story..ick.

I give up. Now onto Austin City Limits and The Foo Fighters.


Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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