A Good Sunday Habit Renewed

Part of Operation Suck Less 2014™ includes eating healthier, mostly at least, and to make this easier I have returned to my habit of a Sunday cooking extravaganza. It helps having plenty of food prepped and ready so I do not have any excuse to grab some junk.

I turn on peppy music, make sure I have bandages at the ready, and start cutting veggies. I always caramelize onions or shallots and sauté mushrooms. I blanch a few others like green beans or broccoli and then chop and peel a variety of raw options like carrots and celery. If I am really in a cooking mood, I will take the peels, tops etc and make a stock.

In addition to the veggies, I make some meat item, usually Chicken, and boil some eggs. Finally, I make some hummus or a batch of lentils. I am exploring new recipes to add a little variety to the mix and help prevent the dreaded taste bud boredom that can only be broken with chips or cake.

My prepped food can be eaten as is, in an omelet, non-fried-stir-fry or even a soup depending on my mood. Having the hard part out of the way makes the rest of the week easier.

When all is done, I look at how pretty my refrigerator looks with all the healthy food lined up nicely in my glass containers and then convince myself I should eat some of that and not go out for Chinese. It usually works.

Author: InteractThis

I am a woman of many moods and each one has her own soundtrack.

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